From left-wing activist in Montreal and Toronto to Conservative Party campaigner in Ottawa, Fred Litwin tells a captivating coming-out story that will delight and upset right-wingers and progressives alike. There is intrigue with the Iranian embassy, a fiercely critical examination of the gay establishment in Canada, an exposé of the politics driving senior CBC managers, and a behind-the-scenes look at the conservative movement’s nasty and shadowy “counter-jihad” subculture. And a lot more.

Fred Litwin is a brave man, a first rate writer, and a person who thinks for himself. In this book, he traces his own personal journey—from left-wing run of the mill views in his youth, to his sojourn as a businessman, promoter of authentic black blues on his own record label, and most importantly, as a Jewish gay man who shocks everyone when he comes out—as a conservative! Litwin constantly cuts against the grain. Leftists are horrified that a gay man is not on the Left, while some conservatives have their own problems with homophobia. But a man shocked by 9/11 into becoming a patriot of the West, he has his own conflicts with the self-proclaimed counter-jihadists, who break with him because he argues that Islamism, and not Islam itself, is the real enemy of the West. His important book establishes Litwin as a thinker whose ideas must be part of the public conversation.”
Ronald Radosh, historian, Adjunct Fellow at the Hudson Institute

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