“This is a deeply personal and worthy book that gives real meaning to the word “courage.” Fred Litwin writes with humour and compassion about the most difficult and divisive issues in the post-9/11 world. He shows how a whole category of people – Muslims – and their religion – Islam – are being vilified as once Jews and their faith were vilified. Friendship with Litwin has greatly enriched my life.”
Salim Mansur, author of Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism

“Fred Litwin has written a very interesting and revealing account of the swirling cultural and political currents around Ottawa’s media, academic, and political communities. This is an important contribution to a better understanding of the layers of activity that immediately surround and inhabit the federal government. It is a very good read.”
Conrad Black, columnist for the National Post and author of Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada from the Vikings to the Present

“Fred Litwin’s crisp and lively Conservative Confidential bravely beats against the currents of political correctness on the thorniest of topics. In particular, the book’s in-depth analysis sheds an illuminating light on the intellectual sources of queer activism, fissures within the gay community, the myth of the Conservative “War on Homos” and the left-wing gay establishment’s betrayal of the international gay community.”
Barbara Kay, columnist for the National Post

“An eloquent mix of the personal and the global. . . Fred Litwin’s first-hand account of tensions between anti-Islamism sophisticates and anti-Islam simpletons is a small gem.”
Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum, publisher of its Middle East Quarterly

“My unlikely friendship with Fred Litwin began long before he asked me to lend a hand in the editing of this book, and my regard for his integrity and his honesty only deepened as the chapters came in. Like Litwin himself, Conservative Confidential defies easy classification. It’s a captivating memoir, but at the same time a meticulously-researched work of journalism and serious analysis, written by a gifted storyteller.”
Terry Glavin, columnist for the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post

“Fred Litwin is a brave man, a first rate writer, and a person who thinks for himself. In this book, he traces his own personal journey—from left-wing run of the mill views in his youth, to his sojourn as a businessman, promoter of authentic black blues on his own record label, and most importantly, as a Jewish gay man who shocks everyone when he comes out—as a conservative! Litwin constantly cuts against the grain. Leftists are horrified that a gay man is not on the Left, while some conservatives have their own problems with homophobia. But a man shocked by 9/11 into becoming a patriot of the West, he has his own conflicts with the self-proclaimed counter-jihadists, who break with him because he argues that Islamism, and not Islam itself, is the real enemy of the West. His important book establishes Litwin as a thinker whose ideas must be part of the public conversation.
Ronald Radosh, historian, Adjunct Fellow at the Hudson Institute